Aquarium Finance

Having a Brand New TOP Dollar Custom, Professional Aquarium Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

Stealth Aquatic has partnered with Fee Funders Ltd to provide aquarium finance payment plans.

It's never nice receiving an invoice in the post, but now you can ease the pain by spreading the cost of the bill over monthly payments and still get the new custom aquarium design you always wanted.

When signing up for a payment plan with Stealth Aquatic, Fee Funders pay 100% of the invoice on your behalf straight away, while you have the benefit of paying over 6 or 9 months via direct debit.

It's quick, easy and pain free with a competitive interest rate that's usually less than your credit card, personal loan and other time payment options.

We can fund aquariums from $1000 - $25,000 subject to approval


How Do I Get Started?

  • Contact Stealth Aquatic and we will send you a Fee Funders application form to complete and return.
  • We will then forward the application to Fee Funders for processing within 24 hours.
  • Now, Kick Back & Relax knowing that Stealth Aquatic loves you because we have been paid in full and you have the comfort of paying for your awesome new custom aquarium by monthly direct debits that you can afford.

I know, aren't we nice...


*Approval subject to positive credit check. We credit check customers and companies before agreeing to fund them.  It's in everyone's best interest that payments can be made.

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