Aquarium Lease


Stealth Aquatic's Aquarium Lease Service offers a wide choice of aquariums for residential and commercial premises, and for special events. Our lease aquariums are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, and we can customise an aquarium to suit your needs and purpose.

Long-Term Lease

We offer a long-term lease option for those who want the pleasure of a spectacular aquarium without the initial financial investment and the responsibility of maintaining it in a pristine condition.

Stealth Aquatic retains ownership and responsibility for the tank, equipment, livestock, food, fertilizer, installation, servicing and full maintenance of the aquarium. All you have to do is the daily feed.

Leasing starts from just $150.00 + GST per month.

Contact us to discuss your long-term aquarium leasing options and how you can get the aquarium of your dreams, effortlessly.

Short-Term Lease

We stock a wide range of aquariums in different styles, shapes and sizes that are available for short-term lease. We can custom design, deliver and install one or more aquariums for special events, such as:

  • Exhibitions
  • Corporate functions and conferences
  • TV or movie filming
  • Media and fashion shoots
  • Educational projects at child-care facilities, schools and libraries
  • Background decor at weddings, etc.
  • Home stagings

We can customise the aquarium's aquascape and overall display to accommodate your theme, style, corporate logo, and more.

Our event aquariums are available to lease from a few hours to days or weeks. And if you decide to extend the lease to a long-term lease or make the arrangement permanent and acquire the aquarium - we can arrange that, too. It's happened before!

Contact us to discuss your short-term aquarium leasing requirements.

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