Construction and Installation


A World-Class Design is Just the Beginning

With Stealth Aquatic, your custom-designed aquarium is expertly constructed and meticulously installed. We offer this professional service in New Zealand and internationally. Our exceptionally skilled tradesmen, with more than 50 years' combined experience in the industry, will ensure hassle-free, professional delivery and installation of your aquarium. We employ the latest and most cost-effective manufacturing techniques, and work with only the highest-grade materials sourced from reliable suppliers.

Realising your Vision

During construction of your aquarium, we follow the technical design in detail to execute your vision accurately. We construct and install your aquarium to the most exacting standards, and make sure it has everything it needs to operate efficiently and display at its best. Every attention to detail is considered for minimal disruption to the surrounds and a flawless integration.

Attention to Detail

We are proud of our reputation for paying extra attention to detail and providing good value for money. The aquariums we deliver are beautiful, vibrant and well-constructed, enhancing any room or space.

Throughout the building and installation process, we -

  • Monitor all onsite activity to ensure everything is done according to the pre-approved design and follows the implementation plan agreed with you.
  • Actively manage the project so the budget is not exceeded, work is completed on schedule, and quality control procedures are in place.
  • Treat your property, premises and privacy with the utmost care and respect.

Major Steps Involved

The construction and installation stage of creating your aquarium involves the following steps:

  • Offsite or onsite aquarium build plus delivery, installation and setting up onsite.
  • Constructing, sourcing and installing custom furniture and finishes.
  • A build and installation programme with minimum disruption of the client's time.
  • Ongoing communication and collaboration with the client and their team.
  • Custom aquascaping.
  • Stealth LED Lighting, plumbing, filtration and life support system.
  • Acclimatisation of fish, corals and other invertebrates. Once the aquarium is setup and has matured, fish, coral and other livestock, handpicked to suit the theme selected for the aquarium, are slowly introduced to the system.

Are you thinking about installing an aquarium but want to speak with someone first? Arrange a consultation with us today to obtain expert advice.

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