Stealth Aquatic's professional, experienced-based Consultancy Services provide expert solutions and advice for exiting aquariums and new aquarium developments. We offer this valuable service in New Zealand and internationally.

Existing Aquariums

For existing aquariums, we provide:

  • A Rebuild Service that includes redesign and, if required, aquarium repositioning.
  • A Troubleshooting service to help you solve problems you may be having with your aquarium.

New Custom-Designed Aquariums

If you are interested in a new, custom-designed aquarium, the process starts with a consultation at your home or premises. During the consultation, we work with you to form a clear picture of the type of aquarium you have in mind and discuss your budget and requirements.

We will offer suggestions and show you photos of our work. We also discuss options for an aquarium suitable for your physical space and budget. Next, we develop one or more concepts based on the options you select, capturing your vision of the aquarium you want.

Major Steps Involved

We take the following steps in the early stages of your project, at the concept development stage, to ensure your aquarium is exactly as promised:

  • Meetings to understand your requirements and goals.
  • Site visits and preliminary feasibility study.
  • Consulting with all stakeholders (e.g. the homeowner, contractors, builders, architects, interior and designer).
  • Determining the overall concept, its dimensions and design aspects.
  • Structural surveys for the best placement of the aquarium.
  • Options for the aquatic environment (freshwater or saltwater), livestock and plant species, and aquascape themes and styles.
  • Maintenance service considerations.
  • Developing a concept as the basis for the technical design or blueprint.
  • Explain the project management process.

If you are considering a new aquarium, or want to redesign your exiting aquarium, contact us to arrange a consultation. We will discuss what is possible and explore the options with you.

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