Design and Planning


Versatile, Creative Design

Stealth Aquatic specialised in the custom design of freshwater and saltwater aquariums that will fascinate, amaze and impress. The only limit is your imagination and budget; our designs fully captures your vision and expectation for your aquarium.

By merging aquarium design with architecture and interior design, we can enhance any existing or new residential or commercial space. Your aquarium will be a unique and striking feature and complement its surrounds perfectly.

We design aquariums for clients across a range of sectors and locations. From hospitality to healthcare, from luxury residences to schools and libraries - we can provide a stunning aquarium incorporating industry best practices.

Thorough Designs for Flawless Implementation

This is where the fun starts and your dreams come to life. Starting with the concept developed in the Consultancy stage, we work with you and, if applicable, your team to add more details so that the concept evolves to become the design or blueprint for your aquarium.

Major Steps Involved

The design and planning stage of creating your aquarium involves the following steps:

  • Custom aquarium technical design or blueprint based on a client-approved concept.
  • Co-ordination with designers, architects, engineers, and general contractors.
  • Aquarium material considerations - glass or acrylic.
  • Aquarium positioning considerations.
  • Structural planning.
  • Custom solid-state LED lighting design, manufactured by Stealth LED Lighting.
  • The latest filtration techniques and system.
  • Aquascaping - full interior design for marine, coral reef and freshwater aquariums.
  • Selection and sourcing of fish, corals, other invertebrates, plants, etc.
  • Aquarium Maintenance Planning.

We listen to your requirements, and with Stealth Aquatic, your custom-designed aquarium will become the living, breathing focal point of any room.

Anything is possible if you can imagine it! Contact us today to learn more about our aquarium design service.

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