Construction and Installation

Stealth Aquatic offer remarkably skilled tradesmen with over 60 years of experience behind them.

Throughout the aquarium installation all on-site activity is measured to ensure everything goes according to the pre-approved agreed plans.

Thorough designs allow the Aquarium Installation Team to exactly assemble the client’s vision, creating an environment where the aquarium will complement the surrounding areas.

Once the aquarium is setup and has matured, handpicked fish and/or corals can slowly be introduced to the system to suit the chosen aquarium theme.

Major Steps:

  • Off or on-site aquarium build, delivery, installation and setup.
  • Aquarium install and setup program.
  • Custom aquascaping to suit the aquarium theme or environment.
  • Lighting, plumbing, filtration and life support setup and adjustment.
  • Climatisation of fish and corals.