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Our field of expertise is aquariums - thats what we do and we do it best.

The team at Stealth Aquatic have a combined total of more than 50 years' experience in the aquarium industry in New Zealand and worldwide. You can benefit from the amazing opportunities we've had putting our skills and techniques to work in delivering some of the best aquariums that can be found.

Our knowledge and expertise stretch far and beyond what you might imagine, from breeding tropical fish on a commercial scale to building spectacular marine reef and freshwater aquariums, both locally and internationally.

We apply all that we have learned to ensure that you have the best possible solution for your aquarium project. For us it's not only about delivering a beautiful, unique feature for our clients; it's also about creating experiences capable of relaxing, entertaining, refreshing and even educating those exposed to the aquarium.

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Our Approach

When it comes to custom aquarium design, construction and maintenance, Auckland-based Stealth Aquatic is the top choice for many businesses, organisations and individuals throughout New Zealand and internationally. And we believe that's largely due to our approach.

Value-added service

We merge our knowledge, creativity, technical skills and quality products with the highest level of service to deliver aquariums that provide the best possible value over the long term.

Integrated approach

We work closely with you and, if applicable, your team to create a spectacular custom aquarium that integrates with the design of your home, office or facility.

Stunning design

Stealth Aquatic is known for its amazing designs and our team's ability to execute projects effectively and efficiently, from start to finish.


We can tailor your aquarium's design, construction and maintenance to your specifications, from the most simple and modest solution to the largest or most complex.


We meet your budget, deliver on time, respect your property, and guarantee the 'wow' factor.


Meet the owners!

It all started with a dream - a dream of bringing to New Zealand the best quality, custom-designed aquariums the country has ever seen. The roots of our company lie in an absolute passion for fishkeeping and aquarium husbandry, and we are driven by the desire to create beautiful pieces of living artwork - we love what we do.

Ross and Gustav have over 50 years' combined experience in the aquatic industry - they live and breathe everything aquarium-related. Having both specialised in freshwater and saltwater aquarium systems for many years, bringing their individual expertise together was always going to result in the success that Stealth Aquatic is today.

Stealth Aquatic Auckland NZ

What we stand for:


We treat our clients with honesty, taking pride in our craftsmanship and attention to detail in all that we do. Fees and costs will always be discussed with you to avoid any surprises.


We prefer a collaborative approach, working closely with your and any other stakeholders, such as interior designers and architects, to transform your ideas into reality.


We adhere to a professional code of conduct and meet our commitments. We use only the best materials and equipment from well-respected suppliers.


What sets us apart is our flexibility in meeting your aquarium needs, whether it be a cost-effective maintenance contract or designing an aquarium for a challenging physical space.


We stay abreast of industry developments and look for opportunities that expand our abilities. We welcome challenges that stretch our ingenuity and creativity.

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