Design and Consultation

Bringing the natural world indoors

We are truly passionate about creating an eye-catching, technically advanced environments for your unique and amazing creatures to sustainably thrive. If you are considering a new aquarium for your home or business, or if you are thinking about a redesign for your existing aquarium, talk to Stealth Aquatic first.

From hospitality to healthcare, in luxury homes, schools, libraries, offices, shopping malls, foyers and open areas - we can create a stunning aquarium for any space. It starts with an on-site consultation to explore your ideas, explain what’s possible, and discuss the possibilities. During this consultation, we work with you to form a clear picture of the type of aquarium or fish tank you have in mind.

After the site visits and a preliminary feasibility study, we determine the overall concept together and decide on its dimensions and all feature design aspects. We will clearly explain the project management process to you, and can consult with all stakeholders such as contractors, builders, architects, and interior designers.

We’ll clarify everything you need to know about your options for the aquatic environment (freshwater or saltwater), livestock and plant species, and present you with a range of aquascape themes and styles. Our team takes great pride in their work, and we’ll make sure to capture your vision, expectations, and personality to create the aquarium of your dreams.

Build and Installation

A world-class design is just the beginning

Our skilled tradesmen, with more than 50 years' combined experience in the industry, will ensure hassle-free, professional delivery and installation of your aquarium. We utilise the latest and most cost-effective manufacturing techniques, and work with only the highest-grade materials sourced from reliable suppliers.

During the construction of your aquarium, we follow the technical design in detail to make you’re your vision is executed accurately. We construct and install your aquarium to the highest standards, and make sure it has everything it needs to operate efficiently and display at its best. Attention to detail is paramount to ensure minimal disruption to the surrounds and a flawless integration.

The aquariums we deliver are beautiful, vibrant and well-constructed, enhancing any room or space. Throughout the building and installation process, we monitor all onsite activity to ensure everything is done according to the pre-approved design and that the work follows the implementation plan agreed on with you.

We communicate clearly and actively manage the project to make sure the budget is not exceeded, the work is completed on schedule, and that quality control procedures are in place. Above all, we promise to treat your property, premises and your privacy with the greatest care and respect.

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