Aquarium Maintenance

Stealth Aquatic has done a brilliant job with our fish tank at the reception of our premises. We have gotten multiple compliments and questions from both staff and customers about how clean and clear-watered the tank looks. Not only that, the fish appear very happy and lively. Stealth Aquatic clearly has a passion for their work, they are always enthusiastic, efficient, and shows interest in the health of the tank and fishes. I highly recommend their services if you'd like to achieve the healthiest state for your fish and fish tank.

- C.M

New Reef Tank Build

Stealth Aquatic set up a saltwater aquarium for me from scratch, after less than a month it was ready for live coral and fish. This is amazing as most people have to wait much longer than this. Their experience shows through their work, which is why I will be using them for years to come.

- M.B

Aquarium Relocation

I used Stealth Aquatic for my aquarium relocation recently and it went seamlessly. They moved everything quicker than expected and all of my fish survived the ordeal. If I ever have to move my tank again, I'll be getting the Stealth Aquatic Team to take care of it.

- P.B

Fish Tank Maintenance

I have had a freshwater aquarium for some years now and have had it professionally cleaned by other aquarium company. Recently I started using Stealth Aquatic to clean my tank, and it has NEVER looked so good! The water stays clearer longer, the fish seem bolder and happier, and the way they have organised it has never looked so good! I highly recommend Stealth Aquatic, these guys know their stuff!

- P.F

Aquarium Maintenance:

Stealth Aquatic has been doing the maintenance on our tropical fish tank in the office for about 4 months now & the tank has never looked better! The clean is always very through & they take their time to ensure the plants are displayed beautifully in the tank. The staff at Stealth Aquatic are very knowledgeable & go out of their way to ensure our tank stays healthy. There is no doubt the fish have been a lot happier since Stealth Aquatic has taken over the maintenance. Thanks!

- B.H

Tank Maintenance:

After my tank was established the guys from Stealth Aquatic Team came along each week to give the tank the once over and make sure everything is healthy and as it should be. They are punctual, professional, friendly, very knowledgeable and patient. They take the time to answer questions about the tank as I am a complete beginner with marine tanks. They also took the time to come with me to purchase some new fish and corals and settle them in the tank. The Stealth Aquatic Team shows a huge enthusiasm for what they do and I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone.

- K.S

Tank Move:

When I decided to purchase an established marine tank from someone, I knew I needed someone professional to do the job. That's where Stealth Aquatic Team came in. After a few calls and it was organised. The move even though a huge job went smoothly and by the afternoon the tank was settled in my lounge. They involved me with the move explaining things as they went and rearranged the corals and rocks to form a natural reef in my tank. Their knowledge and enthusiasm for what they do is easy to see. I found the whole job went smoothly and professionally and wholeheartedly recommend Stealth Aquatic's services.

- K.S

We appreciate all the lovely feedback from our fantastic clients. Thank you for your support - we will see you soon to keep those awesome aquariums in tip top shape and looking good for your enjoyment.

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