Terms & Conditions Maintenance

Aquarium Maintenance Price Beat Auckland Wide

* Conditions apply - You must present us with your last and latest 3 months aquarium maintenance invoices and or paid statements from your bank.

Aqaurium Maintenance Terms and Maintenance

  • Service rate will be pre-agreed between you the client and Stealth Aquatic.
  • No charge cancellation within a 24 hour notice. $50.00 cancelation fee with less than 24 hours' notice.
  • Emergency rates (outside normal business hours 8am-5pm Mon-Sun) are charged at $130.00 an hour in 1 hour increments plus 72c per kilometre travelled.
  • Emergency rates non-scheduled maintenance visits (inside normal business hours 8am-5pm Mon-Sat) are charged at $100.00 an hour in 1 hour increments.
  • Accounts must be current for appointments to be scheduled.
  • A 5.0% fee per month will be added to past due invoices - 30 days past due.
  • Scheduled maintenance will be put on hold to past due invoices - 60 days past due.
  • 60 days plus past due invoice date will be handed over to a nominated debt collecting company and additional costs may incur.
  • Maximum time between aquarium maintenance visits must not exceed 30 days.
  • Although the team at Stealth Aquatic will take the utmost care to ensure the longevity of the client's fish, plant and coral life, we cannot guarantee livestock.
  • Animals and plants are living beings and can be effected by a variety of different factors, including but not limited to stress, illness, disease, compromised immune systems and premature death due to outside factors or new additions of livestock not purchased from Stealth Aquatic or prior inspection by Stealth Aquatic.
  • Our team members are trained to identify potential negative effects on client's livestock that any aquarium maintenance may cause and will discuss any risks before working on the aquarium so that the client understands the risks prior to commencement of any work.
  • All aquarium equipment can and should be purchased through Stealth Aquatic to take advantage of warranties, and guarantees.
  • Light bulbs on reef aquaria and planted aquaria (with the exception of LED's) should be replaced every 9-14 months to avoid spectrum shifting.
  • RODI systems filters can be purchased through Stealth Aquatic and installed at 6 and 12 month intervals depending on manufacturer recommendations.
  • Purified RODI water will be supplied at $1.20 per litre.
  • All required or desired chemicals for a system can and should be purchased through Stealth Aquatic with clear dosing instructions to avoid dosing conflicts and or overdosing.
  • Every 12th Service is free with Signed Service Agreement Contract.
  • Contact us for further detials.
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