Terms & Conditions Aquarium Build

All deposits on custom built aquariums are strictly non refundable. Once a deposit has been received for a custom build, the build process will begin and any deposit will be deemed permanent and part payment of the custom build.

If the client wishes to cancel the custom build of their aquarium, Stealth Aquatic reserves the right to recover any associated costs relating to the build, including reposition of equipment already supplied to the client for the build up to the amount of the deposit. Any costs associated with repossession of equipment shall be the responsibility of the client.

Upon delivery of your custom glass aquarium to your premises, you (the client) agree that we (Stealth Aquatic Limited) shall not be held liable for any aquarium glass chips, scratches, cracks or damage of any kind from the time of delivery.

You also agree that you shall accept all responsibility for any damage caused to the aquarium, even in the event that full payment has not yet been made for the aquarium or the custom installation.

If damage occurs to your custom glass aquarium while at your premises and Stealth Aquatic Limited finds that the aquarium is in need of replacement, you shall be responsible for all costs associated with replacement and labour associated with replacement of the aquarium.

Upon delivery of your custom glass aquarium to your premises, you agree that we shall not be held liable for any injury to a person or damage to property or belongings where the glass aquarium is located, including water/leakage, broken/cracked glass, electric shock or otherwise.

Glass panels and tanks used in our custom installations are not prepared, cut or manufactured by Stealth Aquatic Limited and are outsourced on all occasions. Although the utmost care will be taken in the form of pre-installation inspections on all of our glass aquariums, we cannot guarantee the quality of the glass used to construct the custom aquarium or the quality of the workmanship carried out to assemble the aquarium.

Aquariums (like anything) are not earthquake proof and we do not take responsibility for any damage caused to the aquarium or its equipment by means of a natural disaster.

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