Relocating an aquarium can be an extremely complex and delicate operation, and not easy to do without the right technique and equipment. We handle your aquarium relocation in an orderly manner and with great attention to detail, taking care to minimise the stress on your livestock during the move.

Whether you are repositioning your aquarium at your current premises or moving your aquarium across the city, Stealth Aquatic can help you by co-ordinating and executing the entire move and Installation at your new location, or by assisting you with parts of the relocation process.

Complete Relocation Service

We have the necessary skill, manpower, equipment, materials and transportation to move your aquarium's entire system - tank, equipment, aquascape elements and livestock - from one location to another safely, efficiently and swiftly.

We arrive at your current premises, dismantle the aquarium system, prepare and pack all its components for transportation, move it to the new location, and set it back up again.

Partial Relocation Service

You may choose to move your aquarium yourself but still require assistance with preparing and packing all its components for transportation to avoid damaging these during the relocation.

In this case, we can dismantle the system, then prepare, package and secure the tank, equipment, livestock and aquascape elements for transportation. If you want us to set up your aquarium at the new location, we are happy to do this as well.

Don't risk damaging your aquarium, your livestock or yourself. Call us today to find out more about our aquarium relocation service.

Removal & Disposal


Stealth Aquatic will dismantle, remove and dispose of your decommissioned aquarium system safely, efficiently and quickly, saving you effort, time and money.

Contact us for a cost-effective solution for disposing of your decommissioned aquarium.

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